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Five Ways Millennials Can Give Back To The Community

When it comes to being philanthropic, people tend to think first or only of financial contributions. As a Millennial or Gen-Zer, this can be especially intimidating. Likely only a few years into their careers or possibly still pursuing degrees, money can be tight. However, there are many other ways to be philanthropic as a Millennial.

Remember that value comes in various forms, especially to charitable causes that need a plethora of support and resources. Consider the opportunities to be philanthropic as a millennial through these five T’s.


Once again, don’t get stuck thinking only of dollar signs. Depending on the cause at hand, many organizations are in dire need of resources like clothing, toys or food. Another creative opportunity is to donate an item to an auction as part of a charitable event. Ideas range from signed memorabilia and unworn fashion items to sporting event or concert tickets. This is a very easy way to help raise money for a cause utilizing goods that you already have.


More than likely, your friends, family, spouse or significant other value the time that you spend with them. Similarly, nonprofit organizations place great value on volunteer hours. Often with small staffs, agencies are eager to have extra hands on deck to help meet the vital needs of the communities they serve.


While this option comes with donating time as well, there are many ways to lend your expertise to a cause. Several nonprofit organizations have young professionals groups with opportunities to serve on an advisory board. Are you the person who plans birthday parties for all of your friends? Perfect fit for a social chair! Are you an accountant? Every board needs a treasurer! No matter your talents, the door is almost always open when the goal is to help further an important mission.


Maybe you personally don’t have as many resources to offer as you’d prefer, but who in your network might be interested and able to support the cause? As one of the most connected generations thanks to social media, recruiting advocates is an easy way to be philanthropic as a millennial. Plus, helping pair people with causes that match their passion is highly rewarding to both parties.


Among all the ways millennials can give back to the community, this is one that can easily be done during these socially-distant times. Learn the facts about a cause that’s important to you and which organizations are making positive impacts. Spread the word about your findings and share information regarding how others can help through social media.

So, before you rule out the opportunity to give to charity, remember that there are several ways to be philanthropic as a millennial beyond financial donations. When it comes to important causes, there’s always an opportunity to lend a hand in some capacity.

Written by Kurston Carter.

Take a moment and please share ways you are and will be philanthropic. It’s our responsibility.

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