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Culture of Giving

We are seeing a culture of giving growing even in the midst of A Pandemic, and Civil and Social Unrest. Globally giving has been on the rise. Many people with great resources are becoming a part of this Culture of Giving. It is continuing to take hold in the arena of Community Based Decision Making, and Corporations are taking on the mantle of having Corporate Social Resposibility. Donor Advised funds are on the rise as well. Currently there are foundations and nonprofits that are highly developed. There are vast opportunities for collaborations. Our job is to understand the operational strategies, the charter parameters, accountability methods, legitimacy of organization, transparency, social influence, risks, and of course operating models of Philanthropic Organizations.

It is up to us to apply this type of framework when involving our self in to the Culture of Giving. Of course giving does not have to be so complicated, but know when giving on a large scale is at play these are the concerns that we may have, weather it’s our own Philanthropic venture or a Collaborative that we are part of.

African Talent Investment Project is in the midst this process currently. We are endeavoring to purchase a secondary boarding school in Gatsibo District of Rwanda, Africa. We will partner with the government in regards to curriculum alignment, however we will be looking to collaborate with you who would partner with us to sponsor students. Currently the students pay 300 per year for room, board, and education. We will share more information over time. David and I will be in Rwanda in June to meet with current owners, tour the facility. talk to the children, and complete next steps. It’s exciting. I’m also excited for you as you endeavor to create a Culture of Giving.

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