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Black Women Philanthropist

When you have a moment learn more about #BLACKHER. I have reposted a small portion of an article from BLACKHER. Let me know what you think.


Black folks, and Black women in particular, are generous. We have a history of collective giving. From slavery to Jim Crow to civil rights to the Black Lives Matter and #MeToo movements today, we have always come together to pool our money and share our resources to fight for social, economic, and political justice.

According to “Cultures of Giving: Energizing and Expanding Philanthropy by and for Communities of Color,” a report by the W.K. Kellogg Foundation, “nearly two-thirds of African American households donate to organizations and causes, to the tune of $11 billion each year. Indeed, aggregate charitable giving by African Americans is increasing at a faster rate than either their aggregate income or aggregate wealth.”

And Black women do more than donate money—we give our time, talent, and testimony to support causes and communities.

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