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AfricanTalentInvestmentProject-African Talent Initiatives Collaboration with Rwandan Children School

African Talent Initiatives Company Ltd, Rwanda

Co Founders: Stephanie Clark and

David Clark III

Our Vision: Youth, Our Hope and Future

Mission: Committed to being a bridge to purpose and passion for youth.

Background :

This Non Profit was started as a way to use outdoor education outside of a traditional school model to to provide educational programs for youth to find their purpose and passion. As we came to the Continent we did research to see what is the biggest obstacle facing youth hindering their success. We found that it was lack of education around menses, and the problems that accompany that including not having resources for feminine sanitary pads.

Public awareness about period poverty, the inability to access menstrual hygiene products, has ignited a movement calling for free and accessible pads and tampons in restrooms and public spaces around the world. Period poverty impacts millions of people every day and is pervasive in the US schools and abroad.

Across the country, thousands of students lack the resources to manage basic menstrual hygiene and are denied equal learning opportunities, as they often skip school or classes while having their period as a result. What we do:

I. We provide menstrual education to youth and their mothers through presentations that have 4 components.

  1. Menstual Hygiene Education

  2. Spoken word Poetry

  3. African Dance to Celebrate the participants

  4. Distribution of Washsble feminine sanitary pads with carry bag

II. We offer Apprenticeship and Training to groups of women who wish to learn how to make washable feminine sanitary pads for their communities

  1. Our ATiP staff of tailors travel to other communities and villages throughout the districts

  2. ATiP Tailors provide examples, materials, and training to tailors and seamstresses who in turn will use learned skills to sew pads for their communities and further empower youth and their mothers.

Note: ATiP has just formed a collaboration with Rwandan Children/Founder Serge Gasore. We have met and our introduced our Teams to one another. Our Team will go back and train Rwandan Children on how to produce washable feminine sanitary pads.

III. We offer Menstrual video presentations to share with small groups, churches, Districts, and Schools who may prefer this option.

IV. We empower our staff through team building opportunities, outdoor education challenges, self esteem building opportunities, nature outings, and empowerment classes including life skills, and English classes.

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